formex testa cilindrica viti mustadPAN HEAD

It is the most common and allows the use of any type of recess.

formex testa svasata oiana viti mustadCOUNTERSUNK HEAD

It adapts to conical or countersunk holes, finding space in the softest materials during the tightening phase.

formex testa fungo flangiata viti mustadFLANGED MUSHROOM HEAD

This type of screw is used to:
– assemble very thin materials;
– give a better aesthetic effect to the part assembled;
– cover slotted holes with a larger diameter than the standard size of the pan head.
The flange can have different diameters according to the application to be made.

formex testa esagonale con collare viti mustadHEXAGONAL WITH COLLAR

For applications where a high tightening torque is required. It guarantees an excellent distribution of the axial sealing thrust, protecting the surface of the piece to be assembled from contact with the socket.

mustad screw vis viti formex headSERRATED UNDERHEAD

These screws satisfy the need for fasteners with higher vibration resistance because the screw drive generated by fastening produces a locking effect.
Also recommended for earth contacts on electrical parts.


cava croce phPHILLIPS ‘PH’ RECESS

The standard head for screws.

cava croce pzPOZIDRIVE ‘PZ’ RECESS

The particular shape of the recess and the larger number of points of contact between the head and the bit reduce the ‘come-out’ effect and the wear of the bit itself.

chiave esalobata tx‘TX’ SIX LOBE RECESS

Due to its vertical walls, it eliminates the ‘come-out’ effect.

antimanomissione ta‘TA’ TAMPER-PROOF

Indicated for applications in which unscrewing must be performed exclusively by qualified staff.

chiave esagonaleHEXAGONAL

Indicated where the application of high tightening torque is required.

chiave esagonale collareHEXAGONAL WITH COLLAR

The collar increases the supporting surface, protecting the part from the action of the tightening bush at the same time.

combi esalobata tx cacciavite‘TX’ SIX LOBE COMBI – SLOTTED RECESS

Combines the universal nature of the slotted recess with the characteristics of the six lobe recess.

combi croce cacciaviteCOMBI CROSS – SLOTTED RECESS

Combines the universal nature of the slotted recess with the characteristics of cross recesss.