Steel supplied by European steel manufacturers
with ISO 14000 certificate and committed to the constant reduction of CO2 emissions.

Short supply chain to guarantee more reliability
less consumption, and the environmental respect.

Cold forging process.
Soundproof machines equipped with intakes and air infiltration systems.

100% recyclable scraps and waste.

Separately management of each kind of scrap
or industrial waste to maximise recycling chances.

Diagnosis and monitoring of electric consumptions
for the efficiency increase of the two plants.

Machines equipped with inverter
to optimize the use.

Electric heat treatment ovens
constantly maintained, to avoid efficiency loss.

High performance
and low impact in house lighting.

to increase quality and productivity by reducing waste and non-compliances.

Ecological coatings.
made through depuration process and water treatment.

Packaging exclusively made by 100% recyclable cardboard.
A single material to simplify the disposal and recycling.

Modular boxes
to reduce shipment volumes and to optimise storage places.

Low ink usage.
in packaging printing.

Indications in compliance with the new environmental label regulations

100% made in Italy production
with all in-process manufacturing steps to guarantee more flexibility.