panelvit inox passivata tsp pz

PDFPanelvit® INOX
Passivated CSK PZ



Screw for outdoor applications, in damp and marine environments or in the presence of industrial and ‘aggressive’ atmospheres.
The Panelvit® inox screw is made of A2 austenitic stainless steel, to ensure an effective protection against corrosion and rust.
Though not heat treated, the Panelvit® stainless steel screw is driven without a pilot hole even in hard wood and allows rapid and secure tightening.
This is due to:
– a hard/work-hardened material, which prevents the screw from breaking and the hole from stripping;
– the MUSTAD Lubex® lubrication, which reduces the tightening effort by up to 50% (see graph);
– the deep, smoothing and sharp thread;
The passivation treatment gives the screw a long-lasting, bright and shiny appearance.

More info: Lubex® lubrication

Of the assembly elements for constructing wooden weight-bearing structures, in accordance with the EN 14592:2009 standard (granted by the CSTB Centre Scientifique du Bâtiment, in Paris). Issue of the DoP (Declaration of Performance), in accordance with the European Construction Regulation no. 305/2011.