Mustad Expo
for loose

mustad expo per sfuso

Professional robust metal display stand for the sale of loose Mustad screws.
– Module base sizes: (H x L x D) m2 x 1 x 0.5
Self-bearing structure, no anchoring to wall needed.
5 shelves per module, maximum capacity 50 Kg each.
High display capacity: each display unit can contain 40 carton boxes for bulk sale.
Free purchase of articles and quantities with sealable bags in 3 sizes for payment at the cashdesk.

The Mustad Expo kit for bulk sale includes:
– 1 display unit
– 40 carton boxes
– Labels of the items
– 1,000 bags in 3 sizes
– 3 hooks to place bags on the display

Article code: ME05010002000CC