entire production cycle in italy mustad screw


Carbon steels supplied by the best steel works in Europe.

Drawing to calibrate the steel wire

Cold forging of the head, recess and logo.

Rolling of the thread.

Carbonitriding heat treatment.
More info: heat treatment

Finishing treatments for protection and aesthetics.
More info: finishing treatments

LUBEX® lubrication treatment to reduce the tightening torque.
More info: lubrication treatment

Test in a salt spray chamber to determine the corrosion resistance of the finish.
Finish thickness check with a Fischerscope® system.

Packaging in boxes with talking tags and traceability of every batch manufactured.

‘Screws in the catalogue = availability’ (order fulfilment rate > 99%)
5,000 articles in stock
Dedicated warehouses
Thousands of pallets ready for delivery

In-process and statistical controls in every phase of production.

Internal maintenance of machines and plants.

Design and construction of production tools.